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Deb's Baileys & Chocolate Trifle

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It's the recipe that has Australia (and the world) going crazy!

Posted by Deb Spowart to her Facebook page on December 19th, it now has over 26,000 shares, and rightly so.

This one is perfect for your New Years celebrations, or heck, any time you feel the need for some much deserved indulgence.


1 chocolate cream filled roll
1 bottle of Baileys
375ml thickened cream
1 tub Pauls double thick Chocolate custard
1 tub Pauls double thick Vanilla custard
Raspberry Jam
1 pack of Tim Tams
A variety of chocolates (Flake, Aero bar, Kit Kat, Cherry ripe, Peppermint crisp etc). 

To start

Pour yourself a glass of Bailey’s & Ice :)


Slice the chocolate roll into thin slices and spread with jam.

Layer the sides and base of a trifle bowl with cake & drizzle generously with Baileys(depending on taste).

Pour chocolate custard over the cake, top with another row of cake slices drizzled with Baileys, a layer of chocolate custard & top with chopped Tim Tams (all to reach the level just above the cake on sides of bowl).

Pour over a layer of vanilla custard, smoothing to the edge and layer custard with 375ml whipped cream.  Layer cream generously with chocolates of choice - chopped Tim Tam’s, flake, peppermint crisp.

Pour over more Baileys (depending on taste).

Use chopped aero bar, peppermint crisp & cherry ripe.

Refrigerate until ready to serve.


Trifle can be made the night before. (Each time you make this, you will find yourself adding something different. It's so easy !).

To finish

Enjoy a glass of Baileys & Ice :)

See the original Facebook post here.

Tags: Baileys, Chocolate, Trifle

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