Posted: 14 January, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

13 Droolworthy Foods For People Who Have Already Given Up On Their New Year's Resolutions


New Years' is the perfect time to get your diet and health in order right?

Except of course there's the fact that green smoothies and 6am gym sessions are actually much more pleasant in theory than reality

If you've already given up your daily smoothie and salad ritual for burgers and beer (or even just considering it) never fear we've got you covered! 

Here's our ultimate list of recipes and food for those who have already ditched their 2016 body resolutions. 

Sticky, gooey, s'mores candy cups! 

Get the recipe here. 

Creamy banana pudding with salted caramel sauce! 

Get the recipe here!

Sweet, salty bacon almond brittle with vanilla beans! 

Get the recipe here! 

Caramelised peach, silky mascarpone and dark chocolate toasted sandwich.

Get the recipe here!

Candied bacon, maple, walnut ice cream! 

Get the recipe here! 

Sweet sticky apple, cream sheese pinwheels. 

Get the recipe here! 

Super simple, three ingredient Oreo fudge

You know you want to make this recipe. 

Cookies and cream dessert pizza! 

Get the recipe here!

A super classy pear and salted caramel tarte tartin! 

Get the recipe here! 

Caramel and nutella brownies. 

Get the recipe and eat it all in one go! 

Thirsty? Chocolate truffle martini with dulce-de-leche rum butter truffles. 

'Cause a martini is a health food. Make it now!

Boozy maple peanut butter cup milkshake. 

Get the recipe here! (At least one boy in your yard, guaranteed!)

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches. So simple. 

Get the recipe here! 

Cappuccino fudge cheesecake! 

Did you know coffee is a FAT-BURNER? Get the recipe here! 

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