Posted: 20 January, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

Is This The Most Aussie Pizza Ever?

Or is it just plain gross?

Tags: Pizza Hut, Crust, Vegemite, Australia Day

Pizza Hut

In case you live under a rock - 'Straya Day is fast approaching. The sun in burning, barbies are blazing and we're all stopping to think just a little bit about what it means to be a true blue Aussie.

Companies are also stopping to ponder exactly how they can inject a little bit of Aussie flavour into their offerings - enter Pizza Hut, who have launched a Vegemite stuffed pizza just in time for the holiday weekend!

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Called the Pizza Hut Mitey Stuffed Crust it's a regular pizza with a regular crust...stuffed with gooey cheese and that salty breakfast spread we all love (or absolutely detest). 

For an extra $3 you can add an extra taste of Aussie-pride and honour our forefathers in what's quite likely the most genius way possible. 

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Tags: Pizza Hut, Crust, Vegemite, Australia Day

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