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Say Goodbye To The Cadbury Creme Egg As You Know It

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It’s one of the best parts of Easter but some recent changes to the Cadbury Creme Egg have left consumers in shock.

The classic snack is only for sale three months of the year (which is devastating enough!) and now not only has the recipe been altered but you’ll also receive less eggs in a box!

After reports that the taste had changed, Cadbury confirmed that they are now using a “standard cocoa mix chocolate” in the shell instead of the delicious Dairy Milk.

“It's no longer Dairy Milk. It's similar, but not exactly Dairy Milk,” a Kraft spokesperson said.

“The Creme Egg has never been called the Cadbury's Dairy Milk Creme Egg. We have never played on the fact that Dairy Milk chocolate was used.”

“We tested the new one with consumers. It was found to be the best one for the Creme Egg, which is why we've used it this year.”

And to add insult to injury, you’ll now find one less scrumptious egg in each multi-pack and not necessarily with a price decrease to match!

Easter won’t be the same. Maybe we should just get fit instead...

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Tags: Scoopla, Snacks, Cadbury, Cadbury Creme Egg, Chocolate, Easter

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