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Which ‘Orange' Came First: The Colour Or The Fruit?

Finally the answer is here!

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Here’s the answer to the question you didn’t realise you wanted to know until now…

No one really knows which one came first… orange the fruit, or orange the colour. 

Which one came first? Did humans discover the fruit before they admired sunsets? 


According to T.A. Kenner’s book ‘Symbols And Their Hidden Meanings’, the earliest known use of the word orange was back in the 13th century and was in reference to the fruit! The colour was then named after the fruit in the 16th century.

Beforehand, the colour orange was known as yellow-red or red-yellow.

We have the French to thank! The word orange came from the French word orenge, derived from the old term of the fruit pomme d’orenge.

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