Posted: 17 December, 2015 by @SarahBol

This Potato Chip Hack Will Make You A Legend Among Your Friends

Actual Game-changer.

Want to impress your mum? Want to impress a man? We got your back this summer.


This quick potato chip bag hack is guaranteed to make you an absolute legend this summer when you turn a simple foil bag into something that kinda looks a little bit like a bowl and stands up all on it's own. 

Why? Everyone likes chips. No one likes dishes.

Like chips, everyone likes a superhero - and doing this, my friends will make you one.

Jokes aside, this is actually damn practical and might just change your life. 

Go forth and conquer:

PS. This will stop you getting sand in your chips at the beach. 

Nick is shocked (New Girl) photo tumblr_lzkhc8joxS1r6r74io1_500.gif

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