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This Is Why You Should NEVER Drink Water After Eating Spicy Food

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Lots of us will reach for a sip of water to cool down our mouths after a particularly spicy bite of food, right? Well we have news for you. STOP DOING IT.

As it turns out, there’s some solid science behind why water doesn’t actually help to ease the heat. It makes it worse.

The spice in your meal is made up of molecules called capsaicin. These molecules have a huge effect on the pain receptors in the mouth, which is why spicy food can hurt like hell.

Capsaicin is a non-polar substance and can only be dissolved by another non-polar substance, such as dairy foods. Water on the other hand is a polar substance. It doesn’t actually dissolve the pain, instead it washes it around your mouth.

You’d be better off taking a sip of milk or having a spoon of yoghurt.

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