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Behold The ULTIMATE Bacon-Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza

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How is it even possible that something can look so incredibly mouthwatering and so insanely disgusting at the same time?!

Little Caesars in the US is set to release its new Bacon-Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza… and it already has a lot of people talking!

Covered in unnecessary amounts of cheese, topped with pepperoni and wrapped in 3 1/2 feet of bacon, just looking at it is enough to warrant a trip to (or a week in) the gym!

And it gets worse better… the deep dish pizza is filled with more bacon inside and comes with caramelised cheese edges. 

But the nutritionals are a little scary… a single slice weighs in at 450 calories; 23 grams of fat; 830 milligrams of sodium and 40 milligrams of cholesterol!

The epic pizza goes on sale in the US on Monday February 23 for only US$12 (around AU$15) and it may even make its way to Little Caesars Down Under.  

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Tags: Scoopla, Food, Pizza, Bacon

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