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Cadbury Dairy Milk Family Blocks Get Downsized

Chocaholics Not Quite Sure How They'll Cope

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We've got some disturbing news for any chocolate lovers...

Cadbury has confirmed in a statement on their Facebook page that they're reducing the size of their 210/220g family size blocks of Dairy Milk by 10% to lower costs.

Supermarkets will still get to decide the price, though the RRP will remain at $4.99.

Cadbury officials admit they're bracing for some backlash.

Amanda Banfield from parent company Mondelez International has told the Sydney Morning Herald that "we have to kind of be real about that. Clearly any chocolate lover is going to be a bit disappointed."

This is not the first time Cadbury's trimmed the size of family blocks. In 2009 they went from 250g to 200g, before chockie lovers got mad enough for the company to boost them up to 220 grams.

So, how will you cope with the downsize? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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