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Coke’s Secret Recipe Revealed!

Time to whip up a back of your fave soft drink, or at least find out what the heck is in it…

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If you thought that Coca-Cola was just some mystery drink made by pixies in a lab then I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you have a wonderful imagination, and the bad news is that you have approximately zero idea of how the world works.

The recipe to original coke has been unearthed from the Coca-cola archives, and while you can’t make the exact thing yourself (you don’t have coca leaves with the cocaine removed, because only one company in the whole world gets to do that) you can at least have a crack at the rest.

This ingredients list is from 1886 - so don’t be upset when it tastes nothing like the stuff you buy at the shops!

“Original” Coke

  • Citrate Caffein 1 oz.
  • Extract Vanilla 1 oz.
  • Flavouring 2.5 oz (detailed below)
  • F.E. Coco 4 oz
  • Citric Acid 3 oz
  • Lime Juice 1 quart
  • Sugar 30lbs
  • Water 2.5 Gallons
  • Caramel sufficient



  • Oil Orange 80
  • Oil Lemon 120
  • Oil Nutmeg 40
  • Oil Cinnamon 40
  • Oil Coriander 20
  • Oil Neroli 40

Infuse in alcohol, 1 quart (let stand for 24 hours)

And don’t go trying to put the alcohol in, apparently it’s only used to infuse the flavouring (don’t ask us how) and is discarded before the drink is made. How cool!

Tags: Coke, Coke Recipe, copycat recipes, Food, Snacks, Coca-Cola

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