Posted: 7 March, 2015 by Web Guy Conor

How To Get Free Fast Food!

What to eat, what not to eat and the best time to order.

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We’ve always wondered if it’s actually possible to bag some free fast food! It's easier than you think.



Apparently it’s pretty easy to have your food replaced if you’re not happy with it. The fast food chains are big on customer satisfaction and will often remake something if something isn’t right - just ask.

An insider tip if you want a super tasty meal… Don’t order anything that is ready and waiting or sitting in a hot tray. While items on hot trays are regularly thrown out if not sold - you lose that potential half meleted/half cold cheese on your burger we loooooove when its freshly made.

A final tip: avoid fast food joints between 6pm and 8pm. This is their busiest time and you’ll be waiting longer for your food.

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