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What This Aussie Worker Found In His Grapes Is Terrifying!

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A Queensland man was left horrified after he discovered venomous creepy crawlies in a bag of grapes he bought as a snack for work.

Mike O’Neill, from Southport, claims he found venomous redback spiders in a 1kg bag of white seedless grapes that he purchased from a major supermarket chain.

While he sat eating them at his desk, he thought he saw hair in the bag but quickly realised it was spiderwebs... then he felt something tickling his hand!

“There was a redback spider crawling on my hand,” he said.

“I flicked it off – it was a bit comical because I’m absolutely terrified of spiders.”

Typical reactions to a redback bite include “sweating, muscle aches and pains, nausea or headache and severe pain,” according to venomous animal scientist, Jamie Seymour.

But despite this, when he returned the grapes to the supermarket in Australia Fair Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast, they weren't willing to do much.

“I went in and (the customer service staff member) was like, ‘sorry about that’ and he offered me $3 off my next shop,” Mr O’Neill said.

The supermarket is currently investigating the incident and said they “will be in touch with our supplier to ensure they are following the correct quality processes”.

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