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Police Baffled By Bizarre Find Inside Man’s Fridge

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A man who stole from his workplace "hundreds of times" has been caught out... but what he was stealing even had police confused!  

The 47-year-old security guard, who worked at a factory in Pinghu City, China, was seen by police leaving with two suitcases of stolen goods.

This then led police to search his house, where they found meat, soap, tissue boxes, bottles of detergent and get this... more than 1,000 eggs in his fridge!

"I lost count how many times I have stolen. Probably  hundreds of times. I have stolen everything in my house," the man, whose surname is Gu, said.

Bizarrely, Gu claimed that he was using the eggs for "personal consumption"... anyone else getting visions of some epic omelettes?!

And to top it off, he had written dates on the eggs to remind him when to eat it.


A factory spokesman said: "We are as surprised as everyone else that it was the security guard."

"We thought he was a hardworking and dutiful guard who enjoyed working nightshifts because he didn’t have a family to go home to."

"Now we have found out that he did it so he could roam around and steal without anyone seeing him."

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