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We Present To You… McDonald’s ULTIMATE Shake!


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Milkshake standards are higher than ever, with the popular cake-shakes and doughnut-shakes. But ain't nothin' compared to a legendary Maccas shake with an epic twist. 

Star FM's very own Carly has been generous enough to share with us her secret super-shake from Maccas! 

Her logic was to combine the two best food industries right now... Milkshakes and, as always, The Golden Arches. 

During her younger years, she worked at Maccas for four years! So you can trust that she knows what she's doing when it comes to getting creative with their ingredients.

STEP 1: Get loads of that chocolate syrup you love so much and smear it around the edge of your cup! 

Animated GIF


STEP 2: Fill it up with the famous chocolate thickshake! 

Animated GIF



Animated GIF


STEP 4: More chocolate syrup! 

Animated GIF


STEP 5: (My favourite part) the chips! Now, this is something you rather love or hate. If you're skeptical of the idea, I would recommend leaving it out and testing it first with a soft serve and chips! Don't ruin the whole shake for yourself! 

Animated GIF

STEP 6: Apple pie! Whaaaaaaaat! 

Animated GIF

STEP 7: Maccas cookies! I know... you've forgotten that these things exist because it's been years since you've been at a McDonalds birthday party. But they do, and they're awesome. 

Animated GIF


Animated GIF

And prepare for obesity. 

Carly's Ultimate Shake

Are you guys gonna taste test this for yourselves? Let us know on our Facebook page! 

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