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What Your Food Cravings Are Telling You About Your Health!

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We ALL get food cravings for sugary, oily, salty and just plain unhealthy food. But these cravings could be more than a sign of weak willpower, they could be a sign of nutritional deficiencies. 

I know more than anyone how extremely difficult it is to fight off food cravings, but if you put certain cravings into context, you can help give your body what it's actually after! 

1. The most common craving of all... CHOCOLATE! 


You're getting your period, you're pregnant, or you're having an awful day! 

There's an actual science behind why we eat chocolate most during these times! Apparently, we tend to crave chocolate at times when we think it's socially acceptable eat it. 

We've all heard that chocolate contains chemicals to improve our mood, so... if we're having a crap day, it's totally okay to have a triple choc lava cake with chocolate ice cream... right? 


2. Candy!

You're pre-diabetic: If your craving for lollies and sugary things is extreme and accompanied by an urgent need to pee you should go and see your doctor. 

You're getting or you have your period: Don't worry... it's okay to give in to the craving at this time, remember! 

You're eating too many processed carbs: White bread, white rice and pasta are all simple carbs that will leave you searching for your next sugar fix for energy in not too long! 

You're stressed: If you're freaking out over something you might subconsciously crave sugar for relief as it activates your brain's reward centre. 


3. The evil bread and pasta craving! 


Your body REALLY wants sugar: "Once a starchy food gets past the back of your tongue, your body treats it the same way as sugary sweets," Dr Coella, author of The Appetite Solution, says. 

The reason you may go for a bowl of pasta instead is because eating an actual meal is seen as more socially acceptable than eating candy. 


4. Ice cream!

You might have heartburn or acid reflux: the creaminess of icecream will help sooth both these things.

You're tired: dairy foods contain natural milk sugars that will give you a quick energy boost. 


5. Salty foods! 

You're dehydrated: If you're craving salt (which helps our bodies retain water) it may mean that you're not drinking enough water or that you're losing a lot of water through sweating or vomiting. 

You're stressed: Eating crunchy foods is known to reduce stress! 


6. Steaks or burgers! 


You're not getting enough protein: This is mainly for vegetarians or people who train weight. If your workout involves 50% resistance training you should be eating about one gram of portein for every pound you weigh. 

You are iron or vitamin B deficient: If you get heavy periods or don't eat enough red meat it could possibly mean that you're body is short on essential nutrients. 


7. French fries and other deep fried food!


You're sleep deprived: When you're tired your brain can confuse this with hunger because food gives us energy. The brain knows that these salty, deep fried foods activate the reward centre. This explains by after a big night out all you want is a greasy burger and some chips! 


We hope this was helpful! If you know of anymore cravings and what they might mean, let us know on our Facebook page! 

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