Posted: 2 March, 2016 by @SohanJudge

Say Goodbye To The McDonald’s Happy Meal Box As You Know It


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It seems that getting your favourite Disney toy in a McDonald’s Happy Meal box is soooooooo last year.

McDonald’s is revolutionising their Happy Meal Box, with advanced virtual reality technology. You can now turn the box into a virtual reality headset… and they’ve named it Happy Goggles!

But there’s a catch… you need a smartphone to make it work.

Basically, you open up the box and re-assemble it into a smaller box. Then you slide in a lens pack (provided) and your smartphone. Voila! A virtual reality viewer.

Happy Goggles - A virtual reality headset made from a Happy Meal Box.

About 3,500 Happy Goggles will be rolled out in Sweden this weekend. It’s expected to make its way to the UK and US afterwards… and then, hopefully, Australia.

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