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Phoodie's 1000 Layer Crepe Cake With Ferrero Crumbs and Espresso Cream

The Ultimate Pancake Indulgence!

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Pancakes are the ultimate breakfast food... but when we saw Phoodie had taken a simple breakfast treat and turned it into a lush looking cake we had to share it!

She says this recipe looks tricky but it's very simple (just a little time consuming). 

Phoodie made this for a birthday treat but we certainly couldn't wait that long! 



1 cup self-raising flour

1 cup milk

1 egg


400gm good quality dark chocolate

250ml single cream

Expresso Cream

250 ml whipping /heavy cream

1 cooled expresso shot

(alter quantities to suit your personal taste!)

Make Pancakes:

Whisk together ingredients and rest for 20 minutes. 

Use a ladle to  pour mixture into heated and greased non-stick frying pan. Cook until bubbles pop on surface and then flip.

Ensure that each crepe is the same size by using the same ladle each time.

This will make 12 crepes – multiply this recipe depending how high you want your cake. The cake in this photo was made using 48 crepes!

Make Ganache:

Ganache is your next step. It’s not hard at all. Place  dark chocolate into a pan with single cream and SLOWLY melt over a low heat. Make sure you stir constantly!!!

Once melted and combined turn off the heat. You have ganache! Set aside and allow to cool for about 10 minutes. It will also thicken.

Ferrero Rocher Crumbs

Blitz Ferrero Rocher’s in a foodprocessor until crumbs – yum!


Layer one crepe, top with ganache and sprinkle over Ferrero crumbs.

Repeat until all crepes are finished! Top with a little ganache and sprinkle over crumbs!

Too easy!

Espresso creme

Whip cream slowly adding an espresso shot – be careful not too over whip.


Serve with reheated leftover ganache and expresso crème. 

If you have leftovers (or want to serve it at a later date!) remember to keep it in the fridge!

Nom, nom, nom! 

Tags: Phoodie, Cake, Scoopla

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