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The Worst Baby Names Of 2013 Revealed

Which names top the list?

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We've already seen the banned baby names of New Zealand, the most popular names and Australia's weirdest baby names.

Now comes the list of the weirdest baby names of 2013... and they are CRAZY!

It shouldn't come as a surprise that babies are being named after characters in top TV shows such as Revenge, Breaking Bad and Homeland.

However some parents are going above and beyond to choose baby names that are unique... so unique in fact that they're just plain weird.

BabyCentre has released their annual list of the most unusual bub names.


1. Blip
2. Fairy
3. Kiwi 
4. Feline
5. Nyx
6. Loveena
7. Wrigley 
8. Eternity 
9. Flower
10. Pippin 


1. Ajax
2. Baobao
3. Cheese 
4. Danish
5. Egypt
6. Jag
7. Panda
8. Rocket
9. Finch
10. Osbaldo 

Check out the full list here.

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