Posted: 18 June, 2013

Lottery Millionaire Broke Working In Biscuit Factory

Self-Proclaimed King of Chavs Happy To Be Working

In 2002 Michael Carroll scooped £9.7 million pounds on the UK lottery. 19 years old and fresh out of prison he declared himself the ‘King of Chavs’ and began to fritter away more money than most of us will see in a life time.

He gave a third of his fortune away to family and friends, the rest he blew on himself.

He bought a mansion, held demolition derby races in his backyard, blew cash on drugs, booze, cars, prostitutes, jewellery and countless trips to Spain.

He even invested £1million pounds in the football club Glasgow Rangers and was lucky enough to retrieve it before the club went bust.

Quoted to in the UK’s Daily Mirror Carroll says, “I just went wild for 10 years and now I’m back to reality… I’ve experienced more in a decade than most people would in two lifetimes but I’ve no regrets and I’d do it all again.”

Now 10 years later he’s broke and working at the Walker’s biscuit factory in Scotland for minimum wage.

Other workers at the plant are quoted by the Mirror saying “He’s not been anti-social at all; he’s just got his head down and got on with the job… You don’t expect to see a lottery millionaire with the overalls on getting stuck in. Fair play to him. He has told people he has been on benefits before getting the job. So he’s chuffed to be working and earning.”

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