Posted: 25 September, 2013

Aussie Pig Drinks 18 Beers and Fights Cow

Feral pig runs wild in WA.

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feral pig

Glad to see that Australians news is making it overseas and as per usual making us look intelligent and civilised. The latest breaking news the worldwide community is reading about is a drunken pig who has caused havoc in a campground in Western Australia.

“In the middle of the night these people camping opposite us heard a noise, so they got their torch out and shone it on the pig and there he was, scrunching away at their cans,” a camper told ABC News.

"Then he went and raided all the rubbish bags,” the person added.“There were some other people camped right on the river and they saw him being chased around their vehicle by a cow.”

It's believed that the pig had drank 18 cans of beer.

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

Glad to see Aussies are making our mark internationally...

Tags: Pig, viral, news, weird

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