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The Newest Baby Names Of 2014

You haven't heard these before!

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Along with a new year, comes a bunch of new baby names for us to look over.

Here are the top 14 freshly worded, newly created, oddly adapted baby names for 2014!


1. Betsan

It's a Welsh pet name for anyone with the name Elizabeth, and is proving popular for those parents who want an alternative to Beth, Liz, Betty and Libby.

2. Costello

A new trend sees expecting parents use popular last names as firsts, and has extended beyond Morgan and Parker to other choices such as O'Brien and Cohen.

3. Kaius

From the latin Caius, which means "rejoice", but is also one of the vampires from Twilight.

4. Neri

Stemming from the bible, Neri is primarily used as a male name but has been adopted to female bubs.  Other similar names include Rory and Peri.  In Hebrew, Neri means "burning light" and in Greek it's "ocean spirit".

5. Cabe

This nickname was chosen for boys last year, but started to pick up popularity towards the end of 2013.

6. Isabelline

An extension of Isabella, but being called more elaborate and fancy.  It's also a colour that is used to describe horses and birds.

7. Legacy

An attractive sounding word that has now been transformed into a suitable baby name. It's known as cool, classy and uber unique.

8. Camber

This is what happens when you mix names together.  From the popular Cameron and Amber names, Camber means a title of a wheel or slightly arched surface.

9. Kipling

A name that comes complete with a cute nickname, Kipling is a friendly version of Rudyard not to mention sounds better too.

10. Mackson & Macsen

Same name, different spelling. Mackson is a mashup of Jackson and Maxon.

11. Tempe

An important place in Greek mythology was The Vale of Tempe, not to mention a real place in Greece in modern day.

12. Detroit

This name has a kinda cool feeling to it, plus it comes with it's own pretty bopping song... you know, "put your hands up for Detroit!"  Maybe more suited to a middle name rather than a first though.

13. Macarthur

A surname that is proving a popular first name with many famous links and meanings.

14. Sender

Quite a different sounding name, that has an attractive modern feel to it.  Other similar names that use relatively everyday words are Driver and Sadler.

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