Posted: 14 January, 2014 by Brettney

The Top 13 Most Brutally Honest Kids

Funny letters from kids to their parents!

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Any parent will tell you that kids can be brutally honest whenever they feel a certain emotion.

Maybe they're angry, sad or happy.  Whatever they feel, you'll know about it - and these letters back that up.

The result is very funny!

1. I see cows

2. An act of violence?

3. All I want for Christmas... is a treadmill

4. A sincere apology

5. Well who doesn't?!

6. Or else!

7. Almost...

8. Cranky pants!

9. The guilt trip...

10. Appreciated...

11. The harsh truth!

12. Thanks, but...

13. 98% of the time?

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Tags: Honest, Children, Letters, Notes

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