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6 Things You Might Not Know About Men, Women & Relationships

Debunking Myths On Conflict, Romance & One Night Stands!

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Oh relationships! They bring joy, heartache and everything in between! There's also a LOT of misinformation about what makes men and women tick in relationships. Luckily we're here to set the record straight!


1.     Women are more romantic than men.

This is a common idea that simply is NOT true. Studies have actually proven that men have a more romantic outlook on love than women. A way to measure romanticicm, called “The Romantic Beliefs Scale” asks people to rate the extent they agree with statements like “Tere will only be one real love for me” and “When I find my "true love" I will probably know it soon after we meet.”

Despite what people might think – men typically outscore women on this scale – and they are more likely than women to believe in love at first sight.

2. Men And Women Look At Relationships Differently

Nope, men aren’t from Mars and women are not from Venus. The truth is that there are MUCH more differences between individual personalities than genders. In fact men and women both rate kindness, an exciting personality and intelligence as the three most important charactaristics in a partner. 

3. Women Don't Like Casual Sex

Yes – research indicates this is true: men are more willing to accept offers of casual sex. However there are reasons for this.

#1. It’s still socially unacceptable for woman to admit they are interested in one night stands. Therefore they are more likely to downplay their interest and the number of casual sexual encounters they have experienced.

#2. Women are typically pickier then men – they like the situation to be perfect and believe the person has to be “worth it”.

#3. There are different types of casual sex – while most research focuses on one night stands. Women are more likely to engage in casual sex with exes and friends.

4. Men Are The Only People Who Commit Domestic Violence.

This is NOT true. While injuries suffered by female domestic violence victims tend to be more serious than those suffered by male victims - this doesn’t mean that men aren’t victims of domestic violence as well. A recent study showed 40% of domestic violence victims in Britain were male;  other studies have found that women are equally as likely as men to act violently toward their partner. 

What is true is that there is a social stigma preventing men from speaking out or seeking help when they are victims of domestic violence.

The simple fact is – domestic violence is never okay. Ever. 


Its been hard to keep up with if they, or aren't they?! Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber made their romance official in February 2011, but appear to have broken up almost two years later. (Getty)

5. Men And Women Deal With Conflict Totally Differently.

Actual research shows men and women do not differ as much as people think. Different couples deal with conflict in different ways – and this is to do with the different personalities and power dynamics within that specific relationship. 

While traditionally men have had more power in relationships this is changing and as men and women have a more equal power dynamic they way they deal with conflict will also change.

6. Men Rate Physical Attractivess Far More Highly Than Women.

Okay, okay, this is a little bit more based on the truth. Many studies have shown that men typically CLAIM physical attractiveness as a more important attribute in a partner than women. However, both men AND women rank attractiveness as important attribute in a partner – with men rating it only slightly higher than women.  In one study men and women ranked a series of characteristics for potential mates – men ranked looks at number four while women ranked it at six.

Despite these claims, other research shows when it comes down to it, attractiveness is the key characteristic which predicts whether a person is interested in a second date or not.


Tags: Relationships, Life

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