Posted: 17 November, 2014 by Brad Wood

60s Bicycle Ballerina Pulls Mad Wheelies Likes You've Never Seen

Can bunny hop like a total boss!

Tags: bicycle, ballerina, 1960s, tricks

Ever heard of a 'bicycle ballerina'? No, it's not an insult you throw at someone who can't graduate from their training wheels.

It's the term used to describe the star of this 1965 video, Lilly Yokoi, who was a part of this edition of 60s variety show The Hollywood Palace.

She was brought on the show to showcase her array of talents on two wheels, and she can pop a lot of tricks better than the people of our generation!

Lilly Yokoi, ballerina on bicycle / Kunstfahrrad / велофигуристка

Tags: bicycle, ballerina, 1960s, tricks

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