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Anonymous Note Leaves Aussie Mum Shocked

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An Aussie mother has received a nasty note that was anonymously dropped into her mailbox.

The handwritten letter accuses Queensland mum Trish LaForty of poor parenting.

 The letter reads "You may be able to ignore your baby crying but we are tired of listening to him crying non-stop all day.”

LaForty took to a Sunshine Coast community group Facebook page to vent about the note she received.

"Thanks. Like being a parent isn’t tough enough, it’s good to know our neighbours support us," she posted on the page.

"You didn’t even have the guts to come knock on our door, you left it in the letterbox and didn’t leave your name, number, or address.

"And FYI: our baby doesn’t cry ‘all day’ … he cries when he doesn’t want to go to sleep, when he’s getting his nappy changed, when I say “no” because I refuse to let him be spoiled and run around like he owns the joint."

The Facebook post has been shared hundreds of times, but the author of the anonymous letter has yet to be revealed.

Another neighbour told LaForty that she has never heard the baby cry as the search continues.

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