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25 Hilariously Awesome Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

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Are you still stuck on a costume idea for Halloween? Then you’re in luck…

Here are some awesome ideas that are not only guaranteed to get a good laugh but they’re super easy to put together.

And what’s even better is most of them can be created using stuff you probably have lying around the house!

1. Fifty Shades Of Grey

2. Ceiling Fan 

3. Optimus Prime 

4. Samara (The Ring) 

5. Cereal Killer

6. Candy Rappers

7. Nickelback

8. Regina George (Mean Girls)

9. Bag Of M&M’s

10. Identity Theft

11. Error 404 Page

12. Walter White (Breaking Bad)

13. Nudist On Strike

14. White Trash

15. Wolverine

16. Ginger Bread Man

17. Booze Light Beer

18. “A” (Pretty Little Liars)

19. Crazy Cat Lady

20. Facebook

21. Ghost

22. God's Gift To Women/Men

23. When Life Gives You Lemons…

24. Snakes On A Plane 

25. The Black Eyed Peas 

And here are some more costume ideas if you get really stuck…



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