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18 Cringeworthy Texts From Exes That Only Made Things Worse

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Breakups are already bad enough as it is… but then come the desperate and sometimes horrible texts from your ex!

A new Instagram account called Texts From Your Ex is dedicated to just that… and it already has over 60,000 followers!

The account claims to show “REAL texts from REAL exes” and even includes an email address to send in your own examples.

You can check out some highlights below:


Seems pretty sure


It really is a great toothbrush


"I don't want to blow up your phone..."


Maturity is key in relationships


Ten gold stars for use of "cool story, bro"


"Reverse my vasectomy"


"The weight you put on..."


You. Have. A. Wife. And. Baby.


Of course not. Totally normal. Who would be weirded out by that?


Persistence is key.


Reciprocal feelings.


Oh, except for that "forever" part


We. Are. Never. Ever. Ever. Getting. Back. Together.


Oh, that explains it.


I can't not promise that I won't not want to not never be in a relationship with you


"Yeah I'm fully aware of that" - let him down easy




"I want my Jamie Oliver cookbook back"

Source: Instagram

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Breakups, Text, Exes, Fails, Text Fails, Instagram

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