Posted: 23 October, 2014 by Web Girl Sarah

Is This The Most Misleading Photograph On The Internet?

Hint: This is NOT what it looks like.

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We all know that not everything is as it seems. Especially on the internet. But one redditor had the last laugh when she took advantage of some horny internet users - and tricked them into, ahem, "enjoying" a photo of her husbands hairy butt crack.


Redditor poshpink330 posted the above shot to r/gonewild a totally NSFW sub where ladies take photos for guys to enjoy in whatever way they please. 

Naturally they enjoyed the gesture. Until she revealed it was actually this:

Yep, it was a close up of her husband's wedgie and butt crack. 

Her husband's white, hairy butt crack. 

"Glad everyone loved my husband's a** crack. Whether you were frustrated and needed someone to "blow your load," or if you simply wanted to "kiss every inch of it goodnight," I'm glad that my husband's butt gave you the comfort you needed. All 51 of you who pm'd me," she commented.

Needless to say not EVERYONE was as impressed as we are. Especially as she proceeded to upload those very private messages onto the site for the WORLD to see!

Tags: Reddit, Mislead

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