Posted: 21 October, 2014 by Christian Hull

Stalker Gets Stuck In Chimney

SEE THE PICS: She was in there for over 2 hours!

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Source: Twitter (@VCFD_PIO)

Well this is a modern day Mary Poppins. However I don't think this woman was looking for a baby sitting job!

Could this woman simply just be helping Santa Clause before his big day?...NO!

Is she actually method acting for her up coming role in 'Mary Poppins The Musical'...NO!

The Ventura County Fire Department was called to a home in California, early Sunday morning, when it was reported that a woman was stuck in a chimney. She was apparently stalking a guy she had met online. The resident of the home, who wants to remain unnamed said he had called the police on her before. The man ended the relationship after a few dates (for a good reason no doubt) but it seems the woman wasn't happy with the decision and decided to just check in with what he was doing.

Everyone knows that the chimney is the best way to enter someone's house! If a huge fat jolly man can, why can't she.

The fire department were called and the woman was extracted from the chimney. Firemen had to pull the chimney apart to get her out.

Poor lass, how embarrassing for her!

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