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Teacher Blogs About The Hilarious World Of Kids' Schoolwork

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A teacher has given us all an insight into the minds of school kids with her hilarious blog about the crazy things her students say, write and draw.

The San Francisco Spanish teacher’s Tumblr blog, Hey, Miss At…, documents the bizarre and often surprising aspects of her job.

"'Hey, Miss At ...' it’s the beginning of some of the most unfathomable sentences I'll ever hear," she writes in the blog's introduction, explaining the inspiration behind its name.

Check out some of the blog's highlights below…


"Do you love me? If you take this hart we can be together forever."


"My favorite kind of dog is a English Bulldog. They are a lot of work thow cuz you have to constly whas them and there flaps. Most of there bodie is there face," wrote one student for a "favourite animal" assessment.


"My favorit pet is my cat Blaze. He brings us dead mice, birds, and somebadys pet parociet [parakeet]. He goes on our fence and acts like a vulture. He looks and sounds cuddly but he is actualy vishus. He is the best cat in the world!" wrote another.



This kid gave a very honest answer about their favourite birthday party/food:

"The cake I had [at my party] was Minecraft cake. It was Yummy but not Yummier than french fries. Sure it has salt and can give you cancer but apart from that [they] are preetty good."


El gato es muy feo y triste - The cat is very ugly and sad.


The value of sharing is learnt at a young age…

Student 1: Can I borrow a pencil? Cause you know, sharing is caring! Except for AIDS...

Student 2: *hands over pencil*


La niña pequeña está entre los hombres gordos - The small girl is between the fat men.


Stalking explained by a young school kid:

Student 1: J_____, you're such a stalker

Student 2: I'm not a stalker! I just thoroughly educate myself on everything about a person by doing research through Facebook, Google, and watching their every move!


"Hey, Mrs. V, that’s not a tumor on her butt, it’s supposed to be a bow."


Guillermo ve la chica - Guillermo sees the girl. (In the most creepy way possible!)


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