Posted: 23 October, 2014 by Web Guy Oscar

What YOUR Dog Says About You!

You’ll Never Believe How Spot On These Are…

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An online survey by Frontline Spot On taken by 2,000 people has uncovered a few things about the breed of your dog…

Have a pug? You’re likely to be rich and married… 

A Golden Retriever? You’re likely to be highly educated…

Check out the breeds below… agree? 

Most dedicated (in terms of time) - Chihuahua
Most dedicated (in terms of money) – Dalmatian
Owns a sports car - Dalmatian
Most educated - Golden retriever
Happiest - Yorkshire terrier
Richest – Pug
Happily Married - Pug
Single - Labrador
Biggest rockers - French bulldog
Believe their dog knows what they're thinking - French bulldog
In a relationship but looking to get out of it - Bulldog

Tags: Viral, Trending

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