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You’ll Never Guess What This Girl Tries to Sell on eBay

22-Year-Old Recommended By Psychiatrist to Sell on eBay

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Georgia Horrocks from the UK has taken to auction site eBay by the request of her Psychiatrist…

The 22-year-old has put her imaginary friend ‘Bernard’ on the site “my psychiatrist recommended that I say goodbye to Bernard, and although I would like some financial compensation it is more important that he finds a good home”.

Bernard ‘came to’ Georgia at a time of “emotional stability” in her youth. Georgia hopes that her Bernard will go for around $300 AUD and describes him as “active” and “mischievous”. 

So how will Georgia send Bernard to the winning bidder? He “will be sent via imagination”.

Apparently, selling your imaginary friend online isn’t such a dumb idea… in 2007 “thewildandcrazyoli” sold theirs for $2,750. 

Did you have an imaginary friend?

Tags: Trending, Viral

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