Posted: 16 November, 2014 by Rhiannon

10 Sort-of-Epic Fails!

Well, they gave it a red hot go....

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Sadly, these guys didn't quite smash it! 

1. When it comes to summer ice-cream minding: Trust no one. 

2. You know, it's fair enough. My aunt wore her cat on her head for graduation in the 70s. 

3. Please don't let the child who receives this as a present open up anyone. Ever. 

4. Okay, so everyone knows that dogs die in hot cars. Surely you would realise the same principle applies?!?! 

5. Or, maybe, just, like, spend the two dollars on a deck of cards?

6. Clearly not at the age where he has realises that his mum is a person with, you know. A name.

7. Preeeeeetty sure that's meant for leaves, buddy. 

8. I hear they're very popular with weight-lifters. 

9. And then don't tell them that it's what you spent Valentine's Day doing. 

And finally.... 

10. Uh oh. 


Tags: Life, Fails, Funny

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