Posted: 5 November, 2014 by Dan Hill

12 Hilarious Love Notes!

The Things Partners Leave For Each Other Are Amazing!

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When you’re in a loving relationship, you tend to leave your loved one notes around the house. And what’s so wrong with making them funny once in a while. Here’s 12 hilarious love notes, that partners left for their significant other.

1) Relationship Warfare

2) How To Cheer Up A Man

3) A Sizeable Compliment

4) Long Distance.. Something Something

5) Appreciative Husband

6) I Really Miss You

7) Unconditional Love

8) That Time Of The Month

9) Suggestions, Maybe?

10) Hidden Love Note

11) Lunchbox Love

12) Straight To The Point

Tags: Scoopla, Life, Love Note

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