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6 Of The Most Incredibly Heart-Warming Koala Moments Ever

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Koalas are our nation's most loveable little fellas.

Here's some of the most heart-warming moments caught on camera from the cuddly cuties.

1. Sam The Koala

Sam the koala became an internet sensation after she was snapped taking a drink from a firefighter's water bottle during the Victorian bushfires.

She was badly burnt and suffering from dehydration, but became a symbol of hope to the survivors of the deadly bushfires that left almost 8,000 people homeless and 173 people dead.

2. The Homeless Koala

This little guy was left abandoned with no home after tree logging in Western New South Wales cut down his house.

Australia's Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service along with two wildlife lovers from the local area picked him up from the area and moved him into a new protected area where he can live in any tree he wants.

3. The Thirsty Koala

It was during a blistering heatwave that hit South Australia two years ago that cyclists spotted a dehydrated koala wandering around on the road in the 44 degree heat.

The cyclists stopped and offered the little guy a drink from a water bottle.  He was so thirsty that he just wanted more and more.

4. The koala cuddle

At the Lone Pine Conservation Park in Queensland, these koalas love to snuggle up to each other.

When they are not cuddling each other for the perfect family photo, they are sleeping for up to 16 hours a day and only wake up for some eucalyptus leaves.

The Lone Pine Conservation Park ensures the survival of the endangered koalas.

5. Koala wants a bath

On yet another hot day, a mother and daughter found a koala that was trying to escape the heat by hiding in their back shed.

They filled up a tub full of water and put it in the corner of the room, and the koala decided it was not only good enough to drink, but also take a dip.

So very adorable!

6. Mother koala to the rescue!

A baby koala was too afraid to climb between the trees himself, so his caring mother decided to lend a helping hand paw!

She made a bridge so the could climb between the branches... but it's what she made the bridge out of that is totally cute!

Volksfest, on until our two cuddly koalas start a family, or November 30 - whichever occurs first!

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