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Are your sexual fantasies NORMAL?

Researchers reveal the most common (and uncommon) sexual fantasies!

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Ever wondered if what you think about during your ahem, private time, is NORMAL?

It turns out a group of researchers in Canada were so curious that they did a serious study about sexual fantasies. 


According to the authors the “main goal of this study was to determine which sexual fantasies are rare, unusual, common, or typical from a statistical point of view among a relatively large sample of adults recruited from the general population.” Basically, they wanted to know what was normal and what wasn't. 

The group spoke to 799 men and 118 women – 85% were straight, 3.6% were gay and the rest were somewhere in the middle.

Here’s what we learnt: 


1. We’re actually pretty vanilla.

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There are five “typical” sexual fantasies (and most are about where you’re doing it, not what you’re doing).

  •  Most of us want to feel the romance – with 92% of women and 88%of men admitted enjoying the notion. 84% of women and 78% admitting they enjoyed the idea of romantic locations - bring on the rose petals and candles!
  • Oral sex was enjoyed by 78 per cent of women and 87 per cent of men (and we'd argue those that don't enjoy it probably just haven't met the right person!)
  •  Most people were into spicing things up with STRANGE locations (over 80 per cent of men and women).
  • 86% and 81% or men agreed with the statement that “atmosphere and location are important in their sexual fantasies”.

2. But about half of us would get down and dirty 50 Shades of Grey style.

Image: Universal Pictures UK/YouTube

Just over half of women admitted they liked the idea of being tied up by someone and 64% of women liked being dominated sexually. 

The boys like the idea too – with 46% of men admitting they liked the idea of being tied up and just over half enjoyed the idea of being dominated as well. 

60% of men also admitted they liked the idea of dominating someone else in the bedroom.

3. Most people ENJOY going down there.

Yep – it's hard work and we might pretend it's a chore but secretly we love it! 78 per cent of men admitted they are were into giving a woman oral sex (as well as 35% of women).

Just over 70% of ladies admitted they liked to give a cheeky BJ - as well as 27% of men!

4. Men LOVE MILFs… and younger women. 

Image: Universal Pictures/YouTube

48% of men admitted they had fantasised about sleeping with someone much older than them, while  57% also admitted they were into the idea of sleeping with someone significantly younger than them.

5. We love to watch… and be watched.

82% of men admitted they wanted to watch two women make love and 66% of men admitted they were into doing the deed in an openly public place. 57% of women also liked the idea of getting freaky with a chance of getting caught.

63% of men also admitted they were into the idea of watching someone get undressed without them knowing. 

Get out the GoPro! 32% of women liked the idea of getting photographed of filmed while 43% of men also liked the idea of being caught on camera - just don't upload to iCloud or Snapchat!

6.   Fantasies mean different things for men and women.

Image: Colombia Pictures

Overall, it was found that men had more fantasies than women and they also described these more vividly.

A significant proportion of women (30 per cent to 60 per cent) had fantasies involving elements of submission – but many also specified that they never wanted these to come true. By contrast, the majority of men did want their fantasies to become reality.

Another difference between the sexes was that while women were more likely to imagine their significant other, men fantasised more about extramarital relationships. Tsk tsk!

Want to know more? Reddit user IronyAndWhine made this fantastic graphic of the results!

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