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Couple’s Wedding Ruined By Unqualified Minister In Trainwreck Ceremony

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There are many ways that a wedding day can turn into a nightmare… but this is probably the last thing you’d expect!

A couple was left extremely upset and embarrassed after their incompetent marriage celebrant stumbled his way through their marriage ceremony.

Casey and Jessica O’Donnell, from Ontario, found the minister at the last minute on a Canadian classifieds website… and we bet they regret their decision now.

During the cringeworthy outdoor wedding, he mixed up his words, lost where he was up to in the ceremony, mixed up the couple’s names and even dropped the rings!


At one point, Jessica begged him to “just make something up”.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, months after the wedding they found out the minister was unqualified and they were not legally married.

It’s now going to cost them $US500 to make their marriage legal at a family court.

You can watch he disastrous moment unfold below…

The Irreverent Reverend George


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