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Groom Divorces Bride After Seeing Her Face At Wedding

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A man reportedly ended his marriage on his wedding night after seeing what his new wife looked like under her veil.

According to a local paper, the couple from the western Saudi city of Medinah agreed to marry without seeing or meeting each other first.

The groom saw his new wife’s face for the first time when the bride removed her veil to take photos… and apparently he was deeply disappointed. 

“You are not the girl I want to marry,” he reportedly told her. “You are not the one I had imagined. I am sorry, but I divorce you.”

Understandably, the woman was extremely upset and bust into tears in front of family and friends.

The story quickly made waves on social media, with many slamming the groom for being so shallow and insensitive. 

“He caused her great pain through his irresponsible attitude, and he deserves to suffer,” one user, Afra, wrote.

“He should appreciate that beauty is in the character, not the face. Unfortunately, many young people today are interested only in looks and ignore values and morals. May God give her a better husband who will appreciate her for who and what she is.”


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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Wedding, Marriage, Divorce

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