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Man Desperate To Find Woman Leaves ‘Love Letter’ On Lamp Post

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These days everyone is meeting people on Tinder, but what happens when the one you fancy isn’t a swipe away on your phone? 

Well, you might be forced to think outside the square like this guy did. 

The mystery man, known only as Rob, met the equally mysterious Suzy at a park in Blackheath, South London but their meeting was cut short when the police turned up, for some unknown reason. 

Rob, who posted the below note on a lamp post in the park, says he wasn’t able to find her afterwards but “really liked” her and would like to meet with her again.


He insists he’s “not a nutter” but we’re not so sure Suzy would agree with that.

A man walking his dog stumbled upon the note and posted it on Twitter, which attracted some pretty mixed reactions.

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