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Man Has Surgery To Remove Eel From Bowel

Gory video becomes viral sensataion.

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A graphic video of a man having surgery to remove a fish stuck in his anus has gone viral.


The footage shows a doctor removing a lungfish from an unidentified Brazillian man’s backside. A large entourage of medical professionals laughs and films the gory procedure in the background of the clip. 

The eel-like fish had ventured so far up that it had become lodged in the patient’s bowels.

The video was first posted in December, but is starting to go viral after being posted on

It’s not revealed exactly how the fish got stuck in the man’s anus in the first place (you can figure that out for yourself)– but it’s not the first time an eel has been stuck in a  man’s anus Huffington Post reports.

Last year a Chinese man endured all-night surgery having an almost two foot eel removed from his anus after attempting to imitate an act he has see in a porn movie.  In 2012, a Kiwi man also had an eel removed from his behind while in 2010 a Chinese man died after his friend allegedly inserted an eel into his rectum while he was sleeping.

If you’re really, really, curious you can watch the video here. But we’re warning you: it’s probably one of the most graphic things we’ve seen in a while.  

Tags: Surgery, Eel, Brazil, Gore, Video

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