Posted: 5 November, 2014 by Christian Hull

Orchestra Eat Worlds Hottest Chilli While Playing

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Watch the Danish National Chamber Orchestra Perform After Eating World’s Hottest Chilli Peppers!

There is nothing like watching a bit of torture. The Danish National Chamber Orchestra led by conductor Claus “Chili” Pilgaard, decided that mid way through a performance of 'Tango Jalousie' they would each eat one whole chilli. Not any ordinary chilli, but the worlds hottest chilli.

At 1:36 is when the performers do the unthinkable and eat a whole chilli. Its pretty funny. The gold is at the end when they carefully put down their expensive instruments and flee the stage.

Classical orchestra eating the worlds hottest chili peppers ...


Dan & Maz decided they wanted in on the challenge and ate a chilli live on air.

Tags: Scoopla

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