Posted: 4 November, 2014 by Christian Hull

Overnight Internet Fame...#AlexFromTarget

This guy got an extra 400K twitter followers. How?

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Meet the newest twitter sensation…..#AlexFromTarget

What happens when a teen snaps a pic of a guy and tweets it? All young girls go into overdrive.

This is Alex from Target and it was decided by the internet that he is way too hot. The rather dashing teen was catapulted into fame by a simple tweet from an admirer who thought they would share the eye candy. The hashtag #AlexFromTarget was trending across the world making him a little bit of a celebrity.

The bag boy was humbled by his fame, and so was his twitter account which has almost gained him 400K followers.

His instant fame has of course been made into a thousand meme’s here are a few:

Even Ellen wants in..

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