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Revealed: What it's like to have a conversation with one of the MOST SEXIST men in Australia right now!

Shocking Tinder Conversation With Julien Blanc Revealed

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WARNING: The language contained in the conversation posted below is sexual in nature and may be offensive to some readers. 

The alleged Tinder conversations of controversial pick-up artist Julien Blanc have appeared online – and they are just as disgusting and degrading as you might expect.

The devisive American “dating coach” is currently in Australia for a series of seminars “educating” lonely men on the best way to pick up ladies.

His tactics have been labelled as “degrading”, “disgusting” and promoting sexual assult.

Mr Blanc’s website,, says he can help “make girls BEG to sleep with you after short-circuiting their emotional and logical mind into a million reasons why they should.”

He encourages men to use “male privilege, isolation and emotional abuse” to land women. He has also proudly posted images on social media propositioning women in chokeholds using the hashtag #ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld.

A video he posted online has received over 50,000 views (and has since been made private) where he teaches men how to sexually assult women in Japan. “Just go through Tokyo, grab girls and yell ‘Pikachu’ and put her head on your dick”, Blanc instructs.

But the Australian public have taken a stand.

A petition titled “Cancel Julien Blanc’s Seminar” resulted in the cancellation of  Blanc’s November 6 Seminar in Melbourne after it received over 10,000 signatures.

As the event organisers have struggled to find a new locations, protesters have phoned venues urging them not to take bookings for Blanc’s company.

Now a woman has revealed what's like to have a convo with Blanc on Tinder. 

The conversations below were posted on by women who claim to have spoken to the man on Tinder and discovered who he was after the incident. 


Here's another (equally upsetting) convo: 

And another (which is just plain effed up!). 


The authenticity of these conversations is yet to be confirmed - but either way it sounds like this is the kinda guy we do NOT want in Australia! 


And it seems like he has left the country Thursday night, with Victoria Police tweeting this hours ago.

Victoria Police on Twitter: "We can confirm that Julien Blanc left Australia overnight. His assistant is also due to leave shortly."


If you have found the above material upsetting or are a victim of sexual assult, contact the Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence National Help Line: 1800 Respect (1800 737 732)

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