Posted: 13 November, 2014 by Justin Hill

Secrets from a Disneyland employee revealed

What happens behind the castle drawbridge?

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Ever wondered what happens behind the magical drawbridge at Disneyland? A former employee has appeared online and anonymously spilled some of the secrets of the park and what it was like working as a character… 


Which is the most uncomfortable costume?

According to Reddit user Hashtagsocks, apparently it’s Woody! The boots are very heavy and the head just becomes like an oven. But the hottest costume is Tigger…he’s made of hot sweaty orange and black carpet…eww! Contrary to popular belief, there are no air-conditioned costumes, some have ice water vests if they are super hot, but they don’t last very long.

Do different characters get paid different amounts?

Hashtagsocks says if you’re a ‘face’ character (where you speak to guests and are an actor of sorts) you get paid more than a ‘fur’ character (where you are just in a suit). This is because as a fur character, you’re silent and don’t need to ‘act’ as much. 

What are some of the worst things that happened to you as a character?

  • Punched in the nuts
  • Had Goofy’s ears and nose pulled
  • People jumping on my back and trying to take off the costume
  • Parents getting upset they don’t sell alcohol in Magic Kingdom

How do you train to be a Disney character?

Training includes - 

  • Learning ‘signature moves’ of the character you’re going to play (i.e. Buzz Light Year’s ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ action)
  • How to get in and out of your costume effectively
  • Dance routines (these can be big or small routines, depending on where and when your character needs to appear)
  • Yoga and stretching techniques (to keep you limber and flexible)

Have you ever gotten down and dirty at work in a costume?

Hashtagsocks says they personally have never hooked up with any other Disney characters but state there definitely are places in the park couples could hide out together BUT the problem is, each costume is tagged to you personally…so if someone sees Goofy and Pluto hooking up, Disney bosses can pinpoint who is under the mask quick smart!

This article originally appeared on published by the user @hashtagsocks read the full post here 

Tags: disney, donald duck, mickey mouse, disneyland, secrets, woody, tigger, goofy

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