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This Incredible Gift Of Life Saves Anthea

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Anthea Childs owes her life to blood donations.

Last year, after the birth of her daughter Vivienne, rare complications occurred and Anthea needed almost eight litres of blood to save her life.

"I remember being in the delivery suite in the maternity ward, and I had my daughter on my chest before my doctor realised what was wrong," Anthea recalls.

"I remember there being lots of blood.  I was rushed away and everything else is a blur."

30 per cent of Australians will need blood or blood products in their lifetime.

Only one in three Australians gives blood, but Australian Red Cross Blood Service is asking that more people come along and donate to help people like Anthea.

Australia needs 27,000 blood donations each and every week.

Anthea marked her daughter's first birthday by giving back and donating blood for the very first time.

"I never knew how important donating blood was until I needed it to stay alive," she said.

To donate, call 13 95 96 or visit

Tags: Anthea Childs, Red Cross Blood Service

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