Posted: 11 November, 2014 by Web Guy Josh

WATCH: What Really Happens While Your Hotel Room Is Cleaned

Shocking Footage Reveals What Housekeeping Could Be Doing While You’re Out

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Housekeeping is an important part of making any hotel stay comfortable… but what do they really get up to while we’re out for the day?

A curious guest in a “brand-named” hotel set up a hidden camera to find out and the footage he captured is very unsettling to say the least!

The woman cleaning his room rummages through many of his personal belongings, including his suitcase, and repeatedly tries to log in to his laptop and tablet.

And perhaps the worst part is that she does all of this, as well as making the bed, while wearing the same gloves that she’s just used to clean the bathroom!

Check out the worrying footage below…

Privacy in a brand-named hotel

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Hotel, Hidden Camera, Housekeeping

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