Posted: 9 December, 2014 by Scoopla Team

12 Ultimate Rules For Having An Incredible Relationship!

Simple steps to keep you and your loved one happy!


Want to have a happy and healthy relationship in 2015? Here's 12 simple, real life tips to keep you happy, healthy and loved up!

1. Listen, really listen. Listen to your partner is if they are the most important person in the world. Because they are, right?

2. Keep the big picture mentality.  Take a step back and look at the big picture. When you do that you'll realise how lucky you are - and issues that seemed big might not seem so important after all.

3. Put your partner's needs above your own.  Show respect to your partner by putting their needs above your own.

4. Tell your partner when they do things you appreciate. Who cares if they've been doing it for years - whether it's a cup of tea in bed, allowing you to watch your fave TV show or just a kiss good night - let them know!  Get out of the, "He already knows I appreciate that" trap.

5. In case of arguments use "I" statements. Make sure your own feelings count during disputes by using "I" statements instead of "You" attacks!

6. Aim to resolve disagreements quickly. Disagreements that fester only get worse. Don't go to sleep on an argument and never bottle up your feelings!

7. Don't bring up the past when dealing with the present. It's been said that, "You can't steal second base when you have one foot still on first." Remember that always!

8. Don't nag. No one likes to be nagged - so don't do it to someone who you love!

9. Be spontaneous. Surprise and spontaneity add excitement! Try new things together!

10. Don't trash your partner to others. When you speak poorly about your partner to other people, whether in their presence or not, it reflects poorly on you.

11. Don't insult or belittle your partners work, relatives, your interests. This is just plain mean!

12. No whining! Whining does NOT equal winning!

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