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18 Unbelievable Photos That Weren’t Photoshopped

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There are so many crazy photos on the internet that are hard to believe are real … but sometimes they actually are!

Here are some amazing pics that haven’t had a visit from the magic Photoshop fairy…

1. This baby hippo found a strange, new family.

2. A Shanghai movie theater used a fake, fan-fiction image for their Thor 2 movie poster.

3. Woman lost her wedding ring while gardening. Eventually, she found it 16 years later.

4. Two deer wanting to shoot some hoops.

5. These two guys appeared at the shops wearing the exact same outfit (and didn't know each other).

6. When a possum overeats...

7. This kid really, really wanted a prize.

8. This wedding happened underwater, complete with scuba diving guests.

9. Yes. Batman was the celebrant at this wedding.

10. Double banana - woo!

11. Speaking of bananas... Stephen Hawking posed with a bunch of Bananamen (who were out celebrating a bachelor party).

12. This tiny fox fell asleep on one lucky person's car.

13. Vladimir Putin takes really, really, really important notes.

14. LAPD officers in the 1960s went undercover as women to catch a purse-snatcher.

15. President Barack Obama trolled this little boy at a dinner.

16. Two people on the bus are apparently sharing hair.

17. Tiny sweaters were made for penguins affected by an oil spill, so that they wouldn't ingest the harmful substance.

18. Someone had a Shrek wedding, complete with costumes.


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