Posted: 21 December, 2014 by Rhiannon

3D Printing Gives Puppy the Gift of RUNNING!

The most adorable technological advance since baby pandas learned to use play equipment.

Tags: Derby, 3D Printing, 3D Printing Prosthetics

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If you're looking for something to warm your dark heart this Christmas season, look no further.

Sweet little Derby was born with malformed front legs, and while his owners had made a fist at helping him get around with a wheelchair and other mobility devices, they just weren't cutting the mustard. For one thing, he couldn't play with other dogs - and where's the fun in life if you can't do that?!

Luckily, a band of 3D modellers found out about his plight and decided to spring into action (no pun intended):

Lucky little Derby! And don't forget: a pet isn't just for Christmas. Adopt a rescue pet and make a pooch's wish come true!

Tags: Derby, 3D Printing, 3D Printing Prosthetics

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