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7 Steps To Your Sexiest Christmas Ever!

How to get through the silly season with your relationship intact!

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Create your own saucy traditions!

Yes, yes, charades is fun and we all love Christmas crackers. But have you thought about making other traditions?

Early in relationships is the best time to be mindful about the traditions we set in the holiday season.

Brainstorm what you really want to do on NYE or  maybe set a tradition where you decorate the house together or even always take a romantic weekend away in the lead-up to Christmas!

Prioritise alone time.

This is a season for family. And friends. And visitors.  And so much travel… If you are in a relationship it’s important you set some time aside to be alone.

Say no to holiday parties that don’t really interest you and make sure you set some date nights in that packed holiday calendar!

Be sneaky.

It’s hard to find time alone when you’re travelling or have guests staying – so you’ll need to be sneaky!

Exhaustion is among the number one reasons couples say prevent the from making love so make sure you schedule alone time before you’re too tired!

If you’re staying with family create a code word which means “meet me in the bedroom” or sneak out to make out in the garden.  There’s also something very naughty  about having sex in your childhood bedroom. You’re welcome.

Put sex first (literally!).

You can totally have sex before your work Christmas party or before heading out for a family dinner. It’s just about making the time!

Plus it’s so much better than when you’re full of food or alcohol later in the might (and you have a sexy secret to get you through the night!)!

Treat yourselves.

Holiday gifts don’t have to be socks or toasters – why not have an extra secret gift every year that’s total private?

A couple’s massage, dinner at a restaurant, nice lingerie or even sex toys you’ve been eyeing up!


Christmas is stressful. So above all else it’s important to communicate.

There might be money stress,  too much family around or just general busyness  putting pressure on your relationship but the key is to talk about it.

Check in with your significant other every night before bed to make sure everything is okay – the extra moment of intimacy and vulnerability can make things happen.

Don’t ignore sexual tension. Enjoy it!

If you find yourself frustrated during the holidays, see if you can actually enjoy the tension. Think about how exciting it will be once the guests are gone, or you’re back home, and you have your partner all to yourself again.

Send each other sexy texts or emails, describing what you want to do with each other when you get a second alone.

Merry Christmas you sexy people!

Tags: Relationships, Sex, Christmas

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